Now it is official,

Dell will be available with Ubuntu, this is what Ubuntu’s site says about.

“Dell To Offer Ubuntu

LONDON, 1st May 2007 - Canonical and Dell are pleased to announce a partnership to offer Ubuntu 7.04 on select desktop and notebook products. This is a tremendous step forward for Ubuntu, our users and customers.

More about the announcement is available on the Dell website, including a video interview with Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth.

We believe that Dell’s decision is a strong endorsement of Ubuntu and to the work of many in coding, translating and promoting open source software. It is also testament to the demand that exists for Ubuntu.

Canonical is honoured to play a leading role in making Linux more widely available to everyone.

Jane Silber Canonical – Director of Operations”</em>

As I wrote in the previous post , this will increase the use of Linux in the world, we will now (with the time off course) have more drivers, applications, games, etc. for Linux, and all that will help Linux adoption in the world.