When we have a problem about Linux we usually go to google, someones go to http://www.google/linux, nice site.

Some also goes to Digg to look for info, it is a great place but I think it could be better, maybe Mr. Kevin Rose could split Unix/Linux categories into two different ones.

  1. Could be Unix/Linux News
  2. Could be Unix/Linux Howto/Tutorials/Tips

That way some of use looking for good info that other cyberguys sent to digg (usually good ones) we could focus on the specific side of our search.

Usually we look, more for HowTos than for news, as good news are usually on the front page, and when they got out of there, it is because they are old news :).

So lets see if somebody at Digg reads this story, and take the suggestion, what do you think about this idea?.