</img> I have wrote a long time ago about Looking Glass a Sun/Java 3D Desktop for Linux, yesterday I installed on my Debian Etch, using now my latest ATI drivers.

Installing it on a Debian Linux box is really easy, lets see how to do it.

Modifying the apt sources

vim /etc/apt/sources.lst

You may use your favorite text editor, mine is vim

Then be sure to add this line.

# Looking Glass Repository
deb http://javadesktop.org/lg3d/debian stable contrib

Getting the software

sudo apt-get install lg3d-core

It will download all the needed packages, grab a cup of tea, as it will take sometime depending on your internet connection.

Once downloaded it will start the installation, you will need to accept the Java and Looking Glass agreements, and it is done!

Now log out, and log in again, but this time selecting Looking Glass as your Default Desktop.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it has really good and nice effects, I think it will work better for nVidia cards, as I have read that they perform better than ATI on Linux.

This instructions should also work for Ubuntu, but I have not yet tested them.

Check out this Youtube video.