Microsoft claims software like Linux violates its patents.

Microsoft says that Linux violates no less that 235 of their patents, now it wants royalties from software distributors and users, so If Microsoft gets its way “free software won’t be free anymore”.

The good news for us Linux users is that those demands or claims seems to be just part of a cold war between free software and not-free software (Microsoft). This is what, Eben Moglen, longtime counsel to the Free Software Foundation and the head of the Software Freedom Law Center thinks about all this. “software is a mathematical algorithm and, as such, not patentable.” He also says this about the 235 patents Microsoft says Free software violates, “Numbers aren’t where the action is,” he says. “The action is in very tight qualitative analysis of individual situations.” Patents can be invalidated in court on numerous grounds, he observes. Others can easily be “invented around.” Still others might be valid, yet not infringed under the particular circumstances.

Moglen also says that “The free world says that software is the embodiment of knowledge about technology, which needs to be free in the same way that mathematics is free,” he says. “Everybody is allowed to know as much of it as he wants, regardless of whether he can pay for it, and everybody can contribute and everybody can share.”

I just hope that Free software could win this “battle” in case all this reach the Court.

via: CNN