All started in 1997 when in my job, administering the servers at the biggest ISP in Bolivia, I started to work with Red Hat Linux where we have sendmail, tacacs, apache, bind, among others services, well since 1998 I could not work with Linux because I needed windows at my new job, but I could back to it in 2005, of course I went to the RedHat site and look for a new distro to download, i found FC4 which I started to use, as my Desktop PC and also as my server. For my server I followed The perfect Setup Fedora Core 4 , and in my Desktop I have openoffice, Firefox, Thunderbird as my primary packages, also used off course xmms to play my mp3. Every thing worked out of the box, my PCs where Pentium Celeron, with an 915 chipset Intel mother board, ATI radeon graphics card embeded in the MotherBoard.

Administering Fedora Administer Fedora is quite easy, using: -yum (It’s package manager) -yumex (As yum but graphical - to install it: yum install yumex -rpm, great tool for administer the packages (‘rmp -qa’ will give you the packages installed, you can also use it with grep i.e.:’rpm -qa | grep yumex’ will show you the version of yumex package if it is installed on your system.

All you need is to have the appropiate repositories, you can even create your own Fedora repository , I use this Repositories .


The support for Fedora from the community is just great, the Fedora mailing list, is all you need to be in contact with the community, do not forget to read the mailing list guides before posting.

Upgrading The method I have always used for upgrade from FC4 to FC5 and then to FC6 is to download all the CDs of the new distro, and start as a fresh install, the installer immediately detects the old version and asks you for upgrade or install a new system, so it is easy to upgrade, there are other methods which I have never tested.


Great support -out of the box- for composite, and with the right repository Beryl and emerald work great!


This are my personal conclusions about Fedora: If you like living on the edge with the latests versions of software, with a great community support, a stable system and do not mind being upgrading your system each six months or once a year Fedora is the distro for you!