The Puppy 2.15CE (Community Edition) is the result of collaboration of a team of Puppy enthusiasts. It is built upon version 2.14 but with many enhancements. In particular the guys have worked on an improved user-interface and nice out-of-the box first impression. They have also developed some “SFS” files that add OpenOffice, web and graphics applications – SFS files are “combo packs” of applications that can be installed and uninstalled with a few clicks.

The release announcement is on the Community News page:

The file ‘puppy-215CE-Final.iso’ is 131MB and is available from our primary host … uppylinux/ Ibiblio also has mirrors, that are often much faster, see links here:

Various Puppy enthusiasts are providing downloads. See the Forum thread here:

Note, if you are unable to download (perhaps being on dialup) and want to purchase a CD, I won’t be processing orders for another 5-6 days as I am preparing a new CD (and having a bit of an Easter break!).