From different GNU Linux Operating System sites I have been directed to Steve Lawson’s Blog The Red Devil, which name is maybe related to the BSD mascot.

Well talking about the blog itself, as you may see if you check the archive, you will find that this is not a daily updated blog, but hey! if you are looking for quality instead of quantity this is the side you should subscribe to, Steve is a journalist, so he knows how to write a post, it is nice to read its articles. The site is mainly dedicated to Linux but not only to that, it has some good posts about gadgets, like Palms, Nettops, and others.

I like their reviews of Linux distros, they are not as technical deep as what you may find elsewhere, but deep enough for what the normal reader is looking for, they have screenshots, and a good descrition of how those distros look and feel.

You can see by reading his blog that Steve loves Debian, and its derivatives, he is by the time of this writting using Crunchbang Linux and is an active member of its Forums

Take a look at his site, and even better subscribe to his RSS news