I just stumbled on this site, it is a promotional site devoted to Ubuntu, you might be thinking, “well yet another Ubuntu site” but I think this one deserves a visit, it does not have how-tos, or such kind of info, it is mainly promotional, it has some information about Ubuntu’s, Flexibility, Speed, Simplicity, Appearance, Stability, Freedom, Security and Community, which are the columns where Ubuntu rests.

You can also share your story (your Ubuntu’s Story) with others, and you can read other’s story, there are some good ones, you find how Ubuntu helps people in all areas, from students, to web developers, to sales people, as a matter of fact in all possible areas.

So, I encourage you to share your Ubuntu story in that site, if you are an Ubuntu user off course.

I also like the design with flash, the colours, effects, etc. nice artwork.

Ubuntu Story