If you think or better if you can see that OpenOffice is too heavy for your system resources, you have some options to it, maybe not as powerful as OpenOffice, but I am almost sure powerful enough for what the most of people need

Gnome Office, does not come with all the programs that OpenOffice have, actually it only has two.

The word processor —-> AbiWord The spread sheet ——> Gnumeric

You can install this software from the repositories of your distribution.

  1. Fedora: yum install abiword gnumeric
  2. Ubuntu: apt-get install abiword gnumeric
  3. Debian: apt-get install abiword gnumeric
  4. CentOS: yum install abiword gnumeric
  5. Mandriva: urpmi abiword&&urpmi gnumeric

With Abiword you can do almost all types of documents, It has the features the most users will need.

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Templates

You will maybe miss the mail merge if you work with big quantities of mail.

On the spreadsheet side, we have GNUMERIC, which is a really light spreadsheet calc application, It has almost nothing to envy Open Office Calc or MS Excel for the average user, and it loads a lot faster!.

If you do not have enough memory on your system, give them a try, maybe that is all you need for the most of your office work.