Email has become such an important tool, that everyday more and more people wants to have it 24/7 available. Some years ago RIM started the blackberry service, and for years it was the only option available in the market, but that has changed, and now we have other options.

Thanks to Google and its Google Apps product, we now have at affordable prices push email, as Google Apps is working with Active Sync and that way the Iphones, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian S60 devices with a Exchange client can have push email, calendar and contacts synced.

Google has this service in Beta and I have experienced a lot of down time in the mobile application, and sometimes it works with my iPod but not with my Nokia Mail for Exchange, but yes with My E71 RoadSync, and other day is the opposite, but they are improving.

So if you want push email, and do not want to pay for Blackberry services, Google Apps, Active Sync and an Exchange enable device is all you need.

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