You maybe know what Alexa is, but if not, Alexa is a toolbar first only available for Internet Explorer, that keeps track of the sites you visit (Only for statistics purposes as you do not need to register with them) and then you can see the statistics of a given site, to see how many visits it got, and how many pages per visit.

As it was first only available for Internet Explorer most of the Linux sites visited using FireFox were down in the Alexa position, Now you are able to download from:

Alexa Download site but if you are using Debian with IceWeasel, you could not download from there, if that is your case, go directly to this link.

Alexa For Debian users accept the conditions and install the addon, this way the Linux’s sites will start getting more votes and maybe gets to the Alexa TOP 100.

With this applications you can also see the Alexa Rank of each page you are in.