When they say Arch Linux is at the bleeding edge, they really mean it, the latest stable kernel by the time of this writing is: and it was released on April the second, 2009, and when I started the upgrade my Arch copy yesterday It was already available for this distro. I do not know about others, and I will try tonight to upgrade my Gentoo copy, to see if it also has this version available, but I really like how updated are Arch Linux packages, I have been using it for some weeks, not exclusively, but enough to see that it is as stable as the others of their type, lets say Ubuntu, I am experimenting with it as a Server, and so far I must say that I still prefer Debian, just as an example, the polipo server is not available on the official repos, and I do not know how good could it be to use AUR packages for server applications, but that is another story, as a Desktop it seems to be a great solution, and as common server applications it could also be.