This Laptop is a powerful and good in-expensive option for some people looking something between a smartphone, handheld and Laptop.

Well it is actually a Laptop with no disk but with a 4 Gbytes flash memory (disk), and USB 2.0 lets you attach any other USB memory or an external disk to it.

It comes with Linux pre-loaded, with OpenOffice, of course it has WiFi so you can stay connected with your email, your blog, or anything you want (or need) to do before arriving your home or work.

It has half of the size of the average Laptop and weight less than 1 Kg, so it is ideal for people that also need to carry some other things such as books (students or teachers) for the average executive who carries lots of papers, like lawyers, or insurance agents.

According to users that have already bought it, it is really doing well.