Linux keep growing and growing, you see it not only on Hard Disk, but on USB keys, powering Smart Phones, handhelds, and lots of other devices.

Asus launched to the market a motherboard with Linux embedded, also containing Firefox and Skype.

So imagine you can launch your PC in seconds and be ready to surf the web and talk with your pals, no need to wait until an operating system launch on your PC. When this become available on laptops will be a great thing for people traveling on business trips, imagine opening your laptop at the airport connecting to the wireless network and start answering emails and answering skype calls in seconds, and saving power.

Well hope to see this as an standard in other vendors beside Asus, so the common users start loosing the fear to Linux, and more and more users could do the switch.

The price for the motherboard is 360 $us.

Check more at Asus page