When there is the need to check the space used or the space available on a Linux filesystem there are a lot of utilities like: df or du both of them for the command line, for the GUI we have baobab

<img style=”vertical-align: bottom; margin: 0 1em .25em 0;” src=”http://www.go2linux.org/pics/single_pictures/baobab.thumb.png” </img> With Baobab you can check the space each directory or sub-directory is using on you file system, the information is presented in absolute values as well as percentages, you can go as deep as you need in your directory structure.

There is also the possibility to scan a network disk, via Public FTP, FTP with Login, SSH, Windows Share, HTTP, HTTPS.

baobab network screenshot</img> So you can also check the space available on any disk on the network available trough any of these protocols.