Perhaps is not one of the more important debates, as if it is an Operating system or not, or if you should name it Linux, or GNU/Linux, is the important thing and maybe the important thing is how it works, and how good you know to use all the programs that are part of the GNU/Linux, discussions are always entertaining, so here I leave you a good point of view about if Linux is or is not an Operating System per se. <p class="quote">If you are at all familiar with my brain sneezes (I could use another word here but this is a respectable blog :) then you know I am always rabbiting on about Linux. I am always Linux this and Linux that. This gets some people upset and they claim that it should be GNU/Linux or perhaps more accurately Linux/GNU. There is a word in the English language (which I hope I am using) called context. In other words, I use the word Linux in the context of a complete Linux based distribution and believe that my readers understand that context.</p>

Lets get down to the nitty gritty of things and define exactly what an operating system is. An operating system, according to my way of thinking, is a bridge between the hardware and the software. It presents a standard interface to the software independent of the underlying hardware.

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