I’ve post some days ago Ubuntu, Unity, Mint and other stuff, where I’ve stated that:

And to conclude it, let?s say that no matter how mad people could be at Ubuntu, the improvements they are doing are going to benefit the whole Linux community, yes Unity may seem hard to work with at the beginning but if not widely adopted it will certainly guide other project in a new direction.

In the conclusion of the post, today I’ve stumbled upon this My thoughts on Unity

Where the author writes about some problems that in his opinion Unity has, he specially focus on the Dock, launcher, and panel.

To me the most problematic aspect of Unity is that it is a mesh of different ideas and historical anachronisms that should have been radically simplified. Further simplified, you ask?! I think so, and this should start with the top panel. The panel must die for usability to live!

So, according to you, which are the biggest problems Unity may face?