I’m seriously thinking about buying an iPad. Why should I buy one?. Well I was trying to answer that question and give myself a reason about why I need the iPad.

Here are some of my reasons, and this may help you decide too:

  • I travel a lot, and need to be always connected
  • I use to give power point presentations
  • I like to travel light.

I will still have to travel with my loved Linux drive Lenovo T60, but once I have the iPad, it will stay at the Hotel, and will the iPad the one that will be with me on the road, to read and answer my emails, check the attachments, work the powerpoint presentations, and of course to interact with my social networks.

To accomplish this, I’ll need the 3G enabled iPad and not only the WiFi one, and have been thinking on the 32 Gigs one.

The question now is, white or black?

[img_assist nid=1004 title=black and white ipad 2 desc= link=none align=center width=492 height=389]

Get yours: