This is the very first time in my 37 years living on this big rock (the earth), that I use a Mac, in and the lucky one in my hands now is the Apple MacBook Air 11”.

God, what a great computer, I’m loving it, and I’ve just spend two hours playing with it.

As I said before I was thinking about buying a Lenovo X220, now I’m not so sure about it.

I think now I’m thinking about which Mac should I get?, the MacBook Pro 13” or the MacBook Air 11” that I’m using at this very moment to right this blog post.

I know the Pro is faster and more powerful that the Air, but the Air is slim and so elegant!

It will be a hard decision, I would love I could buy them both, but that is just not possible.

I think I’ll take my time to think about it and pick the right one. I’ve learned that I have a native Unix terminal, which I of course love coming from Linux, I have plans to install Linux on it, but of course I’ll not erase the Mac OS X which seems to be a great OS.

I am waiting for the release of Lion, that seems to be similar to the iPad, talking about UI of course, as someone suggested me in a comment at Engadget, I have been reading something about OS X, and Lion in particular and it seem it will be an easy to love OS.

I’ll keep you posted about my decision, and as soon as I have my new Laptop, I’ll try to make an unpacking video.

bye for now.