I was almost sure about buying an iPad, I was going to use it mainly for my trips. I need mainly email, office apps, and blogging tools, I also need twitter apps to read and follow news. But because I need to blog about Linux, and I need to test the commands I’m blogging about, and because I also need to carry files, I realized I was going to need to travel with my ipad and my laptop. So, I decided to go for a better laptop that cost almost the same (maybe even less) that the ipad.

Plus, I get a lot more disk capacity and more flexibility, and even more battery juice.

The ipad has 10 hours of battery and the Lenovo has 15 hours of juice.

The lenovo x220, doubles the iPad in weigth but even that is really light, so with that weight and with five more hours of battery, I’ll go for the i5 powered Lenovo X220 instead of an iPad, your needs my be different.