The MacBook Air 11” is a great Laptop, it shows us how fast the technology advances I can still remember my Atari Computer, I had to buy an externa floppy disk drive and it was a 5 1/4” one, I liked to write basic programs for it. Usually simple ones, like math ones, I was in school at that time, so I usually created programs to make the computer solve school problems.

Now, while writing this, in this small computer, maybe a thousand times as powerful as my old Atari it is almost impossible to guess where the technology will be in other 20 years.

But coming back again to the MacBook Air, and while my first day with it is coming to an end I must say that. It really surprised me.

I’m really impressed with what a piece of software Mac OS X can be, and combined with this great hardware it works as smoothly as you might think an Apple product should do.

But, who is this computer for?

To me, this computer is basically for business man, for that student that need to keep his computer with him all day in the backpack, for the traveler who needs to be in contact with home all the time.

And who is this computer not for?

Well, that one is hard to answer, but if you need constant access to CDs or DVDs, then this is not for you, if you like to user your computer to play games then maybe this not for you either as with this small screen maybe you will not enjoy games as much as with a laptop with bigger screen.

Now, if you are a network administrator and have a lot of Unix, Linux or BSD systems to administer maybe this laptop combined with a 3G modem is the right tool for you, you might think on the iPad already equipped with 3G, but even the best terminal emulator will never feel as a real shell terminal, like the one you have access with OS X, as least with Snow Leopard, I hope you may still access the terminal on Lion.

One great characteristic it has, is the great speed at wich it wake ups, it is almost immediately, also the boot time is really fast.

I do not yet know if this speed is because of the OS or because of the solid state disk that comes with this laptop, but it is really fast.

What else can I tell you about this Laptop, well maybe to finish this really informal pseudo review, I will add that the aluminium body of it, makes it look really strong, and elegant at the same timo.

I’ll try to post some how tos and tutorials about Mac in this blog frequent as possible. Stay tunned.