Some weeks ago Microsoft acquired Skype, and a lot of blogs (including this) started to talk about skype support for Linux, we all know that even when Skype was not a Microsoft product, the support for Linux was far behind the support for Mac or Windows, so you may expect this will not be improved and it may even be worse.

Problems logging in your Skype account

Two days ago a lot of users of Skype have seem some problems logging to their accounts, it seems that the most of them were Windows users, maybe some Mac or Linux users may have faced the problem too.

According to Skype mobile users have not experimented any problem, they have posted a solution in their blog, which was basically to delete a file called shared.xml this should be done in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Anyway just a day after the problem Skype released a new version of the software for Windows to fix the problem, and the Mac's version was supposed to be released today, but for the Linux users they are not going to release a new version and there is only the "by hand" method.

Which is basically, delete the shared.xml file from your ~/.Skype folder, so the command to do that is:

rm ~/.Skype/shared.xml

And you are done.


As you can see, Microsoft does not seem to have plans to give Linux users a good support, as this is not a new release with new features it is a new release to fix a bug, and it will not be released to Linux users. What a pity, but what else we can expect.

Are you going to continue using Skype?