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I’m reading, and reading and reading about iPad to be sure that it is what I need to increase my productivity.

I’m pretty convinced now, but still reading about it, until I buy mine, today I’ve found an article about why it is great for bussiness, here the relevant parts:

Who is it for?

…I think business users are the unseen force driving a large proportion of the iPad’s bullish sales numbers. Nearly everyone I know that has an iPad is a business user who bought the tablet for business meetings, answering emails from the couch or the bedroom, watching movies during business travel…

What problems does it solve?

…Apple made the second generation iPad 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad, added front-facing and back-facing cameras…

So, it seems it the right tool to increase my productivity, as a blogger, but mostly in my job, where I have to travel a lot, and depend on the email more than on the car.

To me in a Hotel is far more important to have Internet conectivity than cable T.V.

Read the full article here