If you are starting with a Mac you may be missing some keyboard keys, some like... "Home", "End", Page Up" and "Page Down" right?

Well they are all there, but they are hidden, :), no really, you need some short cuts to get them.

Home key Mac

The Home key in a Mac is "fn + left arrow"

End key Mac

The End key in a Mac is "fn + right arrow"

Other home and end keys

Now, how is that of other Home and End keys?, well if you are surfing the web on Safari, and you click on the address bar, and you want to move to the end of it, or to the start of it, and press "fn + left / right arrow" you will navigate to the end or start of the page you are actually browsing, but not to the start or end of the line in the address bar.

So, to do that use "Command + left arrow" and "Comand + right arrow"

Now you are a little more close to forget your old PC :).