What do you do first time in the morning?. Let me guess, no, I'm not going to go into your private life, I mean what do you do first time in the morning technologically speaking.

I think you check your tweeter stream, and check your RSS list to find the news of the day.

Now, If you are using some Apple device, let's say your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or your Mac, you might want to know about this.


Reeder is not a free app, but it really worth the price, Reeder is a newsreader application available for the iOS and Mac OS platforms.

It syncs with a free Google reader account, and keeps all your reading devices in sync, and if you are not in front of one of your Apple devices, you can always use the Google site to read your news, and everything you may mark read there will appear read-marked in your Reeder app.

In fact, Reeder syncs in two ways, from the cloud to the app and from the app to the cloud.

Reeder has a neat and very intuitive interface, you will easily learn about it, and I'm sure you will love it from the very first day.

Some of the features I love include:

  • Support for twitter
  • Support for Instapaper
  • Support for ReadItLater
  • Google reader star support

Here you can see and screenshot of it in action.

[img_assist|nid=1102|title=reeder news reader|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=500|height=342]