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I am writing this post because a reader of this site has suggested.

Polipo is a Linux proxy, like squid but it is intended in a personal use, I used to use squid as my personal proxy but because I have a PIV HT processor and 1 Gig of RAM, in Laptop that approach was just to heavy for it.

Now with Polipo things will change, well go to the installation.


apt-get install polipo There is almost no need to change the configuration file as with the defaults it will work great as a personal firewall. But if you are configuring it as you home proxy, you can change these lines on the file /etc/polipo/config

proxyAddress = ""    # IPv4 only

allowedClients =,

be sure to change for your own IP address range, in general no further changes are needed. Firefox configuration Go to Edit->Preferences-> On this screen: Select Advanced and then click on setting, then: Select "Manual proxy configuration" and enter the IP of the PC where polipo is installed and enter the port which is: 8123 Gnome configuration Go to Desktop->preferences->Network Proxy And Select "Manual Proxy Configuration" and also here enter the IP of the PC where Polipo installed and the port 8123 Opera Configuration Go to Tools->preferences, and once on this screen Now select Advance and click on Network and then on Proxy Servers. And once again enter the IP and port of your polipo server. As a final step you can configure your apt if you are using Debian or Ubuntu, I always do, that way my Laptop gets its updated really fast as usually my Desktop have already downloaded them. Apt Configuration to work with proxy

vi /etc/apt/apt.conf

And add this line
Acquire::http::Proxy "";
be sure to change the IP to the one that corresponds to your Polipo server.