Today I ran into a problem with my blog, for some reason after a two hours server failure (sorry for that) one of my database’s table appeared corrupted.

It was the sessions table and therefore I was no able to login to my drupal again, that was really bad, after one hour of being nervous, I started to figure out what was wrong.

Once I realized that table was corrupted I went to PHPmyadmin and selected my MySQL database.

and then checked the corrupted table, and select from the menu to repair it, after that all was solved.

Here are some screenshots about how to do it.

First select phpmyadmin from the cpanel menu

phpmyadmin option in cpanel</img>

Select the right Database


Select the corrupted table


At the end of the tables, from the pull down menu, select repair.


That should be all, if you are lucky you will an OK message and everything should work again.