The Cisco Catalyst Express 500 software does not support Linux

Yesterday I had to configure my Cisco Catalyst Express 500, of course I do not have any copy of Windows on my PC, so I started reading the instructions.

Getting Started guide for the Catalyst 500 where it clearly says.

Equipment that you supply to set up the switch:
1. A PC with Windows 2000 or XP installed.
2. A web browser (Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, Netscape 7.1 or later) with JavaScript enabled.
3. A straight-through or crossover Category 5 Ethernet cable to connect your PC to the switch. 

But I think that it could be OK to try with my Linux Debian Lenny and Iceweasel, here is what I got, when I finally managed to get an IP from the switch.

Catalyst 500 Express manage tool does not support Linux</img>

Here the zoomed image.

Catalyst 500 Express manage tool does not support Linux zoomed</img>

As you can see there is no support for Linux, and for me that is sad, as both Cisco and Linux helped a lot to made the Internet what Internet is now.

Maybe I am using an old IOS, and the new one does support Linux, but at least this one not, it was even difficult for me to get the IP from the switch the second time as dhcp client got no response from the Switch, and only when I got a XP machine I was able to manage the Cisco.