All of us when we are starting using Linux, mmmh ok maybe not all of us, some of you maybe started just like me, at my job I had to work with RedHat in early ‘97, but going into the topic again, some of the people who are giving the big step of changing from Microsoft Windows to Linux has the same problem.

Is Linux good for me? Where do I start? which distro should I use? and things like that. There is a lot of articles out there about Debian vs. Fedora, Suse vs Ubuntu, Knoppix vs Centos, etc. etc. just name it and google for it and for sure you will find, but, the most of them are full of personal feeling, those Debian users always defend Debian the same with Gentoo and so on.

One of the best sites to find information about distros is Distro Watch , that page will help you a lot, but another one I have recently found with a great tool is. Compare Distros from PolishLinux, I like the way they put the info into a Database and you just see the facts, with a few o nothing personal feelings, just what a beginner needs, so good luck choosing the distro for you, just remember this.

There is no better Linux distribution, just the right for your needs as all the people developing this distros, are doing a great job! Congratulations!