Still not official, but it seems that Compiz and Beryl may merge, according to LinuxTechDaily.

That could be really good news, as while they are separated they are wasting capacities, of each other groups, some could also say that it could be good to have options, like KDE and GNOME, it will depend on the point of view of each of us.

Here is some part of the story: “It was a pleasant surprise to see talks of a merge start to show up on the mailing lists. This article by Kristian Hogsberg seemed to kick it off. The talks so far have been bumpy. There are fights about whether to rename the communities. There are heated discussions about what the merger means and where things should go from here. Old wounds have been reopened. There are complaints about the egos of the developers in the forums. At one point, reading a twenty-four page forum discussion, I wondered if the merge was a good idea after all. Little by little things seem to be working out, though. Quinn mentioned in one forum post that the fork was a mistake and regrettable. It takes a big person to make an admission like that.”