According to the Compiz site the Merge of Compiz and Beryl is official, but nothing about this is said in the Beryl site. This is the complete note extracted from the Compiz site: “The Compiz and Beryl communities are pleased to announce that they will be reuniting, as part of the general Compiz Community to begin work on a combined project. This project, going by the temporary name of “Composite Community”, will be based on the latest Compiz core and will provide the best plugins, decorators, settings tools, and related applications from each community. Working closely with upstream core, and representing the combined efforts of the Beryl and Compiz communities, the project will combine the best of both worlds by providing a stable composited window manager for today’s desktop and exploring the limits of compositing for future desktops. Look for more details in the coming days.”

So we should see more news in the coming days.