I have been thinking about trying Crunchbang Linux Operating System since a long time ago, but for some reason I just never had the time to download and install it.

I wanted to test it specially because two years ago I have a common project with Philip, finally that project never go to anywhere, but it was great to meet some good people, I will take the time to let you know the blogs of those good people I met among Philip.

Well I think is enough of introduction, now lets go to talk about Crunchbang Linux. Crunchbang Linux is based on Ubuntu, we maybe should say that it is Ubuntu, it is not like Fedora and CentOS, or Debian and Ubuntu, Crunchbang actually uses the same Ubuntu repositories (sources), the only difference between the two of them is the base programs it has installed, and that is a big difference.

Crunchbang comes with openbox as the window manager instead of Gnome or KDE, and therefore is lightweight, it also now comes with gnumeric and abiword instead of OpenOffice, they are faster than Openoffice applications.

One of my favorite things about Crunchbang is that it comes with Conky I like it a lot, and I only have seen it as default in DSL (Damn Small Linux).

I also like the minimalistic view of Crunchbang, it looks like my Light Debian but now I will do not have to go through all those stept, I only need now to get a copy of Crunchbang Linux and start to enjoy it, the best thing is that almost all the stuff you have learned about Ubuntu is applicable in Crunchbang.

It detected my wifi, bluetooth, video card, even my motorola cellular as soon as I connected it to the usb cable.

Some of the applications it comes with are:

  • Firefox
  • Rhythmbox with mp3 support
  • Skype for voip call
  • gFTP, my favorite ftp client
  • Pidgin messenger
  • Network Tools, like ping, traceroute, nslookup in a graphic frontend
  • Gimp, for image edition
  • Thunar as the file manager, a real good one
  • Brasero as cd/dvd writer
  • htop, an improved top, which I always install in all other distros I use

Well it comes with almost all my favorite software, this is the distro I need to tweak the least!, really.

It also comes with full support for flash, mp3, avi, mpg. So you may not need to make any change to it after the install. And as i already said, it even comes with Skype! which I use a lot in my daily job.

Maybe this distro is not for everyone, as it has no cubes, or similar it is very spartan, it do has composite support but that is it. But for those looking for an Operating System to work, and for productivity this may be your option, you may need to install some presentation application, which I needed to install, just run:

sudo aptitude install openoffice.org-impress

And you are done, start working immediately.

Do not forget to check the Crunchbang Screenshots

Congratulations Philip, this is a great project!