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Debian has released another security upgrade to the Etch which is now release 2 so Debian Etch is now Debian 4.0r2

These updates are basically security updates, and does not constitute another Debian version, all you need to do is:

apt-get update

apt-get dist-upgrade

and you will be running all security patches, but if you install Debian constantly it is better if you download your Installation CDs again, to avoid big time upgrading over the Internet.

The main security updates are:

Advisory ID Package(s) Correction(s)
DSA-1288 pptpdDenial of service
DSA-1317 tinymuxBuffer overflow
DSA-1319 maradnsDenial of service
DSA-1320 clamavSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1321 evolution-data-serverArbitrary code execution
DSA-1322 wiresharkDenial of service
DSA-1323 krb5Several vulnerabilities
DSA-1324 hikiMissing input sanitising
DSA-1325 evolutionArbitrary code execution
DSA-1326 fireflierUnsafe temporary files
DSA-1327 gsambadUnsafe temporary files
DSA-1328 uniconBuffer overflow
DSA-1330 php5Arbitrary code execution
DSA-1331 php4Arbitrary code execution
DSA-1332 vlcArbitrary code execution
DSA-1333 curlCertificate handling
DSA-1335 gimpArbitrary code execution
DSA-1337 xulrunnerSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1338 iceweaselSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1339 iceapeSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1340 clamavDenial of service
DSA-1341 bind9DNS cache poisoning
DSA-1342 xfsPrivilege escalation
DSA-1343 fileArbitrary code execution
DSA-1344 iceweaselSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1345 xulrunnerSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1346 iceapeSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1347 xpdfArbitrary code execution
DSA-1348 popplerArbitrary code execution
DSA-1351 bochsPrivilege escalation
DSA-1353 tcpdumpArbitrary code execution
DSA-1355 kdegraphicsArbitrary code execution
DSA-1356 Linux2.6.18
DSA-1357 kofficeArbitrary code execution
DSA-1358 asteriskSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1359 dovecotDirectory traversal
DSA-1360 rsyncArbitrary code execution
DSA-1361 postfix-policydArbitrary code execution
DSA-1362 lighttpdSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1363 Linux2.6.18
DSA-1364 vimSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1365 id3lib3.8.3Denial of service
DSA-1366 clamavSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1367 krb5Arbitrary code execution
DSA-1368 librpcsecgssArbitrary code execution
DSA-1369 gforgeSQL injection
DSA-1370 phpmyadminSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1371 phpwikiSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1372 ktorrentDirectory traversal
DSA-1372 xorg-serverPrivilege escalation
DSA-1374 jffnmsSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1375 OpenOffice.orgArbitrary code execution
DSA-1376 kdebaseAuthentication bypass
DSA-1377 fetchmailDenial of service
DSA-1378 Linux2.6.18
DSA-1379 opensslArbitrary code execution
DSA-1380 elinksInformation disclosure
DSA-1381 Linux2.6.18
DSA-1382 quaggaDenial of service
DSA-1383 gforgeCross-site scripting
DSA-1384 xen-utilsSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1385 xfsArbitrary code execution
DSA-1386 wesnothDenial of service
DSA-1387 librpcsecgssArbitrary code execution
DSA-1388 dhcpArbitrary code execution
DSA-1389 zophSQL injection
DSA-1390 t1libArbitrary code execution
DSA-1391 icedoveSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1392 xulrunnerSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1393 xfce4-terminalArbitrary command execution
DSA-1394 repreproAuthentication bypass
DSA-1395 xen-utilsFile truncation
DSA-1396 iceweaselSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1397 monoInteger overflow
DSA-1398 perditionArbitrary code execution
DSA-1400 perlArbitrary code execution
DSA-1401 iceapeSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1402 gforgeSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1403 phpmyadminCross-site scripting
DSA-1404 gallery2Privilege escalation
DSA-1405 zope-cmfploneArbitrary code execution
DSA-1406 horde3Several vulnerabilities
DSA-1407 cupsysArbitrary code execution
DSA-1408 kdegraphicsArbitrary code execution
DSA-1409 sambaSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1410 ruby1.8Insecure SSL certificate validation
DSA-1412 ruby1.9Insecure SSL certificate validation
DSA-1413 mysqlSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1414 wiresharkSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1415 tk8.4Arbitrary code execution
DSA-1416 tk8.3Arbitrary code execution
DSA-1417 asteriskSQL injection
DSA-1418 cactiSQL injection
DSA-1419 OpenOffice.orgArbitrary Java code execution
DSA-1420 zabbixPrivilege escalation
DSA-1421 wesnothArbitrary file disclosure
DSA-1422 e2fsprogsArbitrary code execution
DSA-1423 sitebarSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1424 iceweaselSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1425 xulrunnerSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1426 qt-x11-freeSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1427 sambaArbitrary code execution
DSA-1428 Linux2.6.18
DSA-1429 htdigCross-site scripting
DSA-1430 libnss-ldapDenial of service
DSA-1431 ruby-gnome2Arbitrary code execution
DSA-1432 link-grammarArbitrary code execution
DSA-1433 centericqArbitrary code execution
DSA-1434 mydnsDenial of service
DSA-1435 clamavSeveral vulnerabilities
DSA-1436 Linux2.6.18

If you want to download the new stable CDs go to this link

Or read the full release note here