There is a new update for Debian/Sarge, this is security update only, the good new is that reading in lines, we can expect that the final release of Etch is really near, as the sarge is being moved to old stable.

Please all of you who use sarge and are going to continue using it, change your /etc/apt/sources.lst, from stable to sarge, and then run: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade as root,

here is the note extracted from the Debian Site

The Debian project has updated the stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (codename `sarge’). This update mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a few corrections to serious problems. Those who frequently update from won’t have to update many packages and most updates from are included in this update.

In preparation for the upcoming release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename etch'), Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 will be moved to the oldstable’ part of the archive. Users who would like to continue using Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 are advised to update their /etc/apt/sources.list network sources to refer to sarge' instead of stable’.

Please note that this update does not constitute a new version of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 but only updates some of the packages included. There is no need to throw away 3.1 CDs. Instead you only need to update against or a mirror after an installation, in order to incorporate those changes. New CD and DVD images will be delayed until after the release of `etch’ and will be available at the regular locations.

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