As some of you may have noticed, Go2Linux is powered by Drupal, and Drupal has released its 6 version some time ago, we are still using 5.x cause I am waiting all the modules to be ready and tested with 6.x before switching, I do not want to break Go2Linux :).

Anyhow I am reading some articles about installing and upgrading Drupal, and i have found this two good articles about that topic.

If any of you are interested in Drupal, you may like to read these:

Drupal 6.0 Installation and basic usage

Drupal 6 keeps getting better

Drupal is a great CMS, I have tested Joomla before, Go2Linux was born on Joomla but I have switched to Drupal, as I have found it easier to use as a blog, later I met WordPress, but I think Drupal has more possibilities, I have to admit that I tested WordPress only a few to make a give a real opinion about it.

hope you enjoy the articles.