I am starting with Gentoo again, this time installing using the alternative method more specific the Knoppix method, but I did from my running Debian Lenny using the chroot method, well I now have my operating system working, but when I tried to install Gnome

emerge gnome

I got an error

Error circular dependencies

After googling, and reading my configuration files I found that the problem was in my /etc/make.conf file where my USE variable were like this:

USE="-qt3 -qt4 -arts -kde dbus hal avahi gnome gtk"

So I took out the gtk and gnome, and installed the gtk package.

emerge gtk+

Which was the package giving the error of circular dependencies… yes I was telling gentoo to install a package with gtk support without having gtk, and when it tries to install gtk+, it tried to install it, with gtk support, hope this helps anybody someday.