What is Elightenment?

From Enlightnment Home page we can get the answer.

Some people affectionately refer to Enlightenment as E because typing or saying the whole word is a bit of a mouthful. Early in its history, which began back in 1996, E was just a window manager for X11.

Enlightment tries to bring you the latest graphics effect, while still being light and not an eating resources application.

On its features you may see.

  • Sound Effects for different windows action
  • Mouse focus on windows
  • Move between Desktops by moving your mouse to the end of the window
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts

To install it on Debian, just run

apt-get install enlightenment

apt-get install e16menuedit

By running this command you will see all the themes available. <p class="codigo">apt-get install enlightenment-theme</p>

Then to use it, just log out and log in again choosing either

  • Enlightenment
  • E-Gnome
  • E-KDE

Where E-Gnome and E-KDE are the known Gnome and KDE with Enlightenment as window manager, these options will only appear if you have installed Gnome and KDE, otherwise you sill only get Enlightenment itself.

You can the customize your desktop, as it has a lot of customization options.

You may also be interested in EliveCD which is a Debian with Enlightenment on it, check its screenshots