</img> Yesterday, The Fedora Project has released F8 (code name “Werewolf”).

According to Fedora project leader Max Spevack, “Fedora 7 was so much about infrastructure and under-the-hood changes, and now Fedora 8 is showing that with our infrastructure in place, custom ‘spins’ have been thriving and there is a laundry list of new stuff, There is so much new stuff that it shows that Fedora is good at innovating and putting new technology into the Linux world and into the hands of users which is one of Fedora’s core goals.”

Actually the Spins are some of the better new improvements in F8, they were first appeared in F7.

But what is a spin?, well a Spin is like a custom version of Fedora with the package for a specific kind of end user.

Actually F8 is presenting Four Sping

  • KDE Fedora
  • Gnome Fedora
  • Fedora for Gamers
  • Fedora for Developers

Virtualization is also improved with new secure remote management capabilities for XEN and KVM.

If you want to take a look at some Fedora 8 Screenshots

Download F8