Let’s continue with the light weight applications, this time I will show you a great image viewer, that does not need too much disk space nor hardware requirements.

The application is feh, to install it run:

sudo aptitude install feh

then to use it, you will have to be used to command line, but that is one of the great things about Linux isn’t it? If you want to open a single picture run:

feh /path/to/the/picture/picture.png

If you need to open a whole directory with pictures run:

feh /directory/

This will open the first picture on that directory, and you can navigate with the left and right arrows, you will notice that if the size exceeds your monitor size, you will not be able to see the whole picture, to avoid this, you can use.

feh -g 1024x768 /directory/

This way you will have a window, of 1024x768 pixels, and the picture will be stretched to that size, you can of course use any geometry you prefer.

you can can also use it in full screen mode

feh -F /directory/

This will open the pictures in full screen mode, if you have nested directories with pictures and want to surfe them all recursively you can use -r option.

feh -r -g 800x600 /directory/

read the man page for more option, there are a lot!