I think Friendly Interactive Shell (a.k.a. fish) is a real good tool for newbies on the console at Linux, it has a lot of features, which you can by typing help.

Well first lets see how to install the application.

Fedora / Centos

sudo yum install fish

Debian / Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install fish

Once installed just enter fish at any console and you will have the prompt again, but this time a more friendly prompt :).

As you can see in this screenshots:

fish screenshot</img>

here you can see that after entered ls a and by pressing TAB you get as usually the options you have, but also an explanation of each of it.

fish screenshot</img>

On this other screenshot you can see that if you enter a command that does not exists it will remain red, and it will turn red, once you enter a well spelled command, so you have coloured syntax with fish, which is great for those starting with Linux operating system

Now, lets see some of features at fish help file