Almost all major GNU Linux (operating system) distributions comes with inetutils installed by default, but that is not the case with Arch Linux, and maybe Gentoo as well.

If you are running one of these distributions, you may miss the command line

ftp or telnet, which are usually needed, if you are new to these distros, you may not know how to install them, well they all come in a bundle with other tools, all you need to install is the package inetutils with your package manager.

i.e. In Arch Linux run:

sudo pacman -S inetutils

And you will have:

  • An ftp client and server.
  • A telnet client and server.
  • An rsh client and server.
  • An rlogin client and server.
  • A tftp client and server.
  • And much more...


There is no inetutils package on Gentoo, so, you will need to install other packages depending on what app, you are looking for, it is ftp for example, run

sudo emerge ftp

You will get /net-ftp/ftp package, and it works like the GNU inetutils-ftp