Today I have installed Gentoo in my PC, I have started reading also about it.

It seems to be real good distribution, I will also start testing Sabayon as it seems to be kind of “easier” Gentoo, it has its differences and similarities, maybe like Debian and Ubuntu or Ubuntu and Mint.

I have used Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva frequently, and OpenSuse just for some days, I like the ones that is frequently use, all of them they all have its cons and pros.

I will test now Gentoo and Sabayon, I think I will like them also, and maybe then I will update my Which Distro to choose article, I also use the info in my Dual Boot with two Linux distros to make my system a multi Linux system and be able to work with all these distros “at the same time”.

Will come later with more info about Gentoo and Sabayon, of course I will continue using Debian and Ubuntu and Fedora (CentOS as my Server).