Gentoo a Light file manager for low resourses PCs

here you have a screenshot. Gentoo file manager screenshot</img>

Update: 01/02/08 This post was originally posted on 02/07/2007, but I wanted to complete its information and repost it.

Gentoo is a light File manager, you can use over a SSh connection, with it you can copy files, create directories, change permissions, etc.

You can install it on Fedora <p class="codigo">yum install gentoo</p> and on Ubuntu <p class="codigo">sudo apt-get install gentoo</p><p>hope you like it,</p>

you will have access to lots of tools as you can see on this screenshot

gentoo file manager</img>

As you can see, you can even tar, or gz files directly.

And there are also options to configure by clicking on configure, in the main window.

gentoo file manager</img>