Today one of our blog readers asked me how to get hardware info of the memory, I want to share the answer with all of you, actually I have never needed this, but could be very useful in some situations.

lshw is the command that will do the magic for us. Installing it

sudo aptitude install lshw

Yes, that easy if you are using Debian, for Arch you need to use AUR lshw AUR

Once installed, run it as root

sudo lshw

The output will appear directly on the screen, so you can pipe it to less to be able to see the output, as it is a lot.

Maybe is a good idea to forward the output to a text file

lshw > /tmp/hwoutput.txt

You can also format it as html or xml, ie:

lshw -html > /tmp/hwhtml.html


lshw -xml > /tmp/hwxml.xml

If you are going to make the info public, you can sanitize the output to hide ip address, serial numbers etc.

lshw -html -sanitize > /tmp/hwhtml.html

You can check my Desktop hardware info here it is sanitized.