The tool I am going to describe today is a real good one, specially for those who works installing routers and networks in general, you can have this piece of software installed on your Linux Laptop, and all the debugging of your job is going to easier than before.

Installing it

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install gnome-nettool

Fedora / CentOS

yum install gnome-nettool


  • List and configure your devices
  • Ping to IP enabled devices, such as, routers, servers, PCs, or Access points
  • Check your own PC network Status, to see your routing table, the Active network services, or Multicast Information
  • Traceroute, this is maybe its best tool of this tool-box, with traceroute you can see, all the steps (routers) needed to reach an IP enable device, and that way you can debug the network.
  • Portscan, another good one, with portscan as its name says you will be able to check which ports are open, on any enabled IP device, this is a must have tool for a security advisor, or consultant, you just enter the IP address that you want to scan and click on scan, then you will see a list of the open ports
  • Lookup, is for searching the DNS name of a given host, or its reverse DNS name, you put the name of the server or the IP and then the info you would like to get, A record is the most common one, and the click on Lookup
  • Finger, is a protocol usually closed now a days, it was used a lot in the past to get information about a user on a given server, such as its, phone, address, etc. It is not too much used now, because of the attacks you can suffer on its port
  • As you can see all these functions are also available from the command line, but it is better in a graphic way sometimes :).