gnome-volume-manager is the Gnome daemon in charge of controlling how removable media is going to be treated in Linux (When using Gnome)

And to control how this daemon is going to act, can be used gnome-volume-properties this command can be invoked from the command line:


or from the menu

System->Preferences->Removable Drives and Media

If it is not in the menu and not installed in the PC, I guess that to install it this command should be issued:

aptitude install gnome-volume-manager

This is how it will look like.


Select how to act when removable storage and blank CDs are inserted


What to do, when media with music is inserted


Also when cameras are inserted, and you can also write the command that should be run.


How to sync when PDAs are attached


Configure what to do when printers and scanners are attached


And finally what to do when pointer devices are connected.

This is a tool, very useful if Gnome is being used