January 29th of 2007 Go2Linux went online, and started with our first post, today one year later I would like to celebrate with all of the readers.

First I would like to thank all of you the 600+ regular readers of this blog to whom this blog belongs, and it is because of them that some time late at night I am writing here :), also I want to thank some good friends I have made through this year, thanks to this blog.

Borys Musielak from PolishLinux.org Bert De Brabandere from UbuntuHQ.com Artiomix from LinuxScrew.com The Master Chief who has even wrote a Guest post at the How-To section of our forums, you can read it here: Kubuntu Basic HowTo.

My wife, may 6 years old girl, and my son (who will born on march), also made its part, givin me the time to write.

Well lets see some numbers of this blog.

I have written 400+ articles during this year. Our community grow up to 632 readers, check the graph below (thanks again to you)

RSS readers</img>

We had 600 K visits during the year 1600+ visits per day!


The most important traffic sources during the year were:

Google Digg StumbleUpon Slashdot Lxer Tuxmachines UbuntuHQ

For this second year of Go2linux, I would like empower the Go2Linux Forums, so please as a birthday gift subscribe and start posting :).

I would like to use this post also to apologize for this last two weeks with so few posts here, I have been very busy, but I will start posting at least one article per day soon.

Please help me with ideas, if there is any idea you have I should investigate and post about, let me know, also if you have a how-to you would like to post, let me know I can give you permission to post in the How to section of the forums.

To finish this, I want to say, thanks again, and please use the comments for any idea you have, or suggestion, something you like or dislike about this blog.