That title, makes all of you fellow Linux users want to know why would someone may want to go back to Windows, right? It is because we (Linux users) have discovered freedom, and not only freedom to change it, or freedom to use it, but also the “living free of system halting”, the “living free of viruses”, the “living free of having to format the hard drive and reinstall from time to time”, so, it is hard for us to believe that someone may want to forget about this, and go back to Windows. But face it, there are people who likes to live with troubles, just because those are the troubles to which they are acustomed, and they do not want to start something new, because it may demand some of work on their part.

This people usually are afraid to change, even if the change will make life easier, or better, you may read more about The going back to windows people.

But hey! we must see beyond the problems and seek solutions to convert more people to Linux, why? if we can just think, “We do not need those lazy guys, let them live in their Windows world”, but that is not true, we need them, Linux need them, just because there is software in the windows world that we need, and we do not have access to it, or at least not easy access to it, we may deal with wine, and yes it is improving day by day, but it would be great to have AutoCad for Linux, or Visio for Linux.

These programs does not exists for Linux (There are options, but they are not the same), just because we are less than windows users, so we need more people using Linux.

Going back to the fact that there will always exist people who evade changes, we will have to start at schools, we need to make them start with Linux, and then they will never want to change.

My 7 year old girl, is attending to computer classes at her school, and she is using…. yes you got it!! Windows!, there are 30 children in her grade, if we offer ourselves as volunteers to install Linux at schools, and help them to teach our children Linux, then when those children became adults they will be stuck at Linux, if someone shows them Windows in the future, they will say soon after trying it for few days “I am going back to Linux”.

So, we better focus on children and forget about the old guys.