Google has announced that they are working on a new project, which is a new Linux distribution based on the famous Ubuntu.

Google is really working for a piece of the Desktop applications market, you could see that if pay attention to the previous applications Google has released like:

  • Google Desktop
  • Google Talk
  • Office applications - online
  • Gmail

If google release it to public, for sure this new Linux Distribution is going to be very popular, as Google is one of the most visited sites, and Gmail took a lot of the market share from Yahoo email or from Hotmail.

As Google refused to give any more details about this project, they only let us know that they are working on it, so we can not know the date of release.

Another thing with these release is that Ubuntu will gain more popularity as it was chosen by the real big Google as a base for this project.

Just like Google Desktop or Gmail, or Google Earth we can be sure this is going to be a great project, with lot of success.