You probably already know about gOS, it is everywhere

gOS (Green Operating System), comes with lots of web 2.0 applications, and Google applications like:

  • Gmail
  • Meebo
  • Google News
  • Google Calendar
  • Google maps
  • Google Docs
  • Google Product Search
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Wikipedia
  • Blogger
  • Skype

But even though it comes with lots of Google applications it has no relation with Google.

According to this Interview that my friend from fscking got.

The idea of starting this project comes to light because of:

Well, I guess a couple things happened… I got interested in Google applications, especially docs and spreadsheets, presentations; and originally, I wanted to create my idea of what a Google OS would look like.. if there were such a mythical OS. As I started looking around at all the Google applications out there, I realized that all of our “computing” could eventually be done in the Google cloud. We just needed an OS that looked really good and pointed people to Google in a really friendly, intelligent way. After seeing this, I got excited because I saw it was also commercially viable for the mainstream end user… Google makes Linux familiar.

So as you can see this operating system is mainly focused on using Google applications instead of your PC, that is a great idea, and will help you use cheaper PCs as some of the processing power comes from Google.

Anyone may ask, and why not just Ubuntu, or any other Linux or even Vista or XP and then go to use the Google applications, I think the idea is to make it easier to the end user, to get that applications a click away, instead of having to remember where the applications are.


The idea of a cheap PC seems to be working as you can find PCs with prices as low as 199 $us at Walmart.

Everex seems to be the company behind gOS. I think that the whole idea is a great idea of course you need a connection to the Internet and better if a good one, that is maybe not an issue in countries in the “first World”, but for countries like mine (Bolivia) that is still out of the budged for lots of people.

The idea could be anyway used at Schools and maybe, (just my idea) could help OLPC

As there is a lot written about gOS already and for sure there will be more and more in the days to come, I would like to come with a single tip, so this post is not only talking about gOS with nothing new for my readers.

gOS Tip

One of the things that gets your attention when you see the gOS screen is the tool bar below, from where you have easy access to some of its applications, you can customize it by right click on it.


Then select for example add application and you will see this dialog box, where you can add more applications to the bar.


Or as you can see delete some of them.